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Shaking up the world of vulnerability management since 2018, Hackuity gives you a complete view of your cyber exposure depth and tools to interpret it, so you can detect, predict, and protect yourself from cyber vulnerabilities.

Founded in 2018 by 4 experts from major cybersecurity services providers, Hackuity reinvents Vulnerability Management: a cybersecurity practice to find and fix vulnerabilities before attacks could exploit them.

The exponential complexity of attack surface, translated into an unmanageable fragmentation of cybersecurity tools and processes, hits organizations with an overwhelming flood of information that renders the whole initiative impracticable.

80% of cyberattacks use a vulnerability published half a decade ago. Translation: either cybersec professionals don’t care (not true) or they can’t keep up on their own (it’s time we admit that). Fragmented teams, too many tools, and exploding vulnerabilities are a match made in heaven – for attackers.

Risk-Based Vulnerability Management

Founded by experts from leading cybersecurity service providers, Hackuity reinvents Risk-Based Vulnerability Management (RBVM) to protect organizations worldwide:

By orchestrating 3rd-party tools and aggregating all exposure data into a single pane of glass Hackuity breaks technological silos and allows its customers to capture, at last, the complete picture of their security posture.

With advanced analytics and machine learning, Hackuity automates prioritization by working holistically across all IT dimensions of its customers, from infrastructure to the development lifecycle.

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