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Adaptive Shield, leader in SaaS Security, enables security teams to secure their entire SaaS stack through threat prevention, detection and response. With Adaptive Shield, organizations continuously manage and control all SaaS apps, including 3rd-party connected apps, as well as govern all SaaS users and risks associated with their devices.

The attack surface in the SaaS ecosystem is growing with the proliferation of SaaS apps that are storing sensitive data.  Adaptive Shield is committed to enabling enterprises to continue adopting SaaS applications while staying safe.

Adaptive Shield is a SaaS Security Posture Management (SSPM) solution that enables security teams to gain full control and visibility of all SaaS and 3rd party connected apps, as well as govern all SaaS users and risks associated with their devices and prevent data leakage.

With more than 140 out-of-the-box integrations with leading business applications such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Salesforce, Zoom, Teams, and Slack, the Adaptive Shield platform can also integrate with any SaaS application.

SaaS Misconfiguration Management 

Monitor and identify configuration drifts across all SaaS application security controls, and remediate through step-by-step instructions.


Third-Party App Monitoring

Detect and control unsanctioned 3rd party SaaS applications connected to your core SaaS stack, and quantify the level of risk they pose to your business.


Identity Security Posture Management

Gain consolidated visibility and control over user accounts, permissions, and privileged activities.


Device Monitoring 

Manage risks stemming from the SaaS user’s device based on the device hygiene score.


Detect and Respond to Threats (ITDR) 

Detect and respond to identity-centric threats originating from the SaaS ecosystem such as unusual activities, malicious applications, or any indication of compromise.

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