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KELA offers proprietary Darknet-based cyber intelligence solutions for enterprises and government agencies worldwide. KELA’s core mission is to harness and integrate the experiences and methodologies of the Israeli Defense Forces’ elite intelligence units for revolutionizing cyber, HLS, and finance.

The world’s leader in preventing cybercrime, KELA’s mission is to provide 100% actionable intelligence on threats emerging from the cybercrime underground. As industry experts, KELA’s product is tailored by former Israeli army intelligence professionals and 8200 veteran intelligence experts, meaning customers have peace of mind their security is in the best hands.

Trusted worldwide, KELA’s technology automatically penetrates the hardest-to-reach corners of the internet to provide you with unique, contextualized, and actionable insights. KELA’s solutions infiltrate underground places your team can’t reach and uncover direct threats to your organization, and arms you with highly contextualized intelligence as seen from the eyes of attackers, thus enabling proactive network defense.

Cybercrime Intelligence Platform

KELA’s Cybercrime Intelligence Platform can be described in three parts;

But what sets KELA apart?

The State of Cyber Crime Threat Intelligence 2022

KELA’s recently published “The State of Cyber Crime Threat Intelligence 2022” Report takes a deep dive into the underground world of cybercrime and the behaviours of IT professionals. KELA’s extensive intelligence expertise highlights just how complex the cybercrime ecosystem really is, and with over 400 security professionals being surveyed, this report provides an excellent overview of the current cyber landscape.

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